FLIR T600 Series – Performance Infrared Camera

Introducing the FLIR T620/T640

Flexible, Innovative Professional-Grade Performance. Now with the Highest Quality 640 x 480 Thermal Detector.

FLIR T-Series

Get the shot without the stress. All FLIR T-Series cameras come with an ergonomic rotating optical block that makes it easy to capture images from any angle comfortably. And now T-Series is available with the highest resolution thermal imaging in its class along with a rich, new list of leading-edge features including:

  • High Resolution Detector:with 307,200 pixels at 640 × 480, FLIR T640 and T620 cameras give professional thermographers the highest thermal resolution and sensitivity for the best-looking images and most accurate temperature measurements. Coupled with dual 5 megapixel digital cameras, you’ll get the sharpest visible light and thermal images you need to create the most effective documentation. See the results jump off the screen.
  • Fantastic Sensitivity: With NETD of better than 40mK (T640), the sharpness a clarity of the image is unparalleled by any other camera in this class. When you are looking to get the most from your image, this is the sensitivity you need to have!
  • Ergononomic Rotating Imaging head: Capturing great thermal images over head or down at ground level no longer needs to be require a contortionists flexibility. With the  rotating imaging head with its interchangeable lenses, the T640 and T620 let you simply tilt up or down through its 120° range of motion while keeping the touchscreen display ideally positioned at a comfortable angle. Now you can concentrate on the information in the image, and not on keeping your balance!

Compare the FLIR T600 series range:

Compare the models:  the new FLIR T600 series is available as T620/T640 for general electro-mechanical applications and also the T620bx/T640bx specifically for those involved in energy performance of buildings, fire and flood restoration, air tightness and other applications in the built environment. A simple model comparison is presented below:

Camera Model

T640 thumb

Building Models

Industrial Models

T620bx T640bx T620 T640
Resolution 640 x 480 640 x 480 640 × 480 640 × 480
Total Pixels 307,200 307,200 307,200 307,200
Thermal Sensitivity <0.05 ºC <0.04 ºC < 0.05ºC < 0.04ºC
Accuracy +/- 2% or 2ºC +/- 2% or 2ºC +/- 2% or 2ºC +/- 2% or 2ºC
Temperature Range -40ºC to 650 ºC -40ºC to 650 ºC -20°C to 650°C -20°C to 2,000°C
Hi-Temp Option to 2000°C Y Y Y included
Zoom 4× Continuous Digital 8× Continuous Digital 4× Continuous Digital 8× Continuous Digital
Lens Options Standard: 45°;
Optional: 25°, 15°, 100µ, 50µ
Standard: 25°;
Optional: 45°, 15°, 100µ, 50µ
Zoom 4× Continuous Digital 8× Continuous Digital 4× Continuous Digital 8× Continuous Digital
Focus Auto & Manual
Uncooled Microbolometer x x x x
Color LCD Touch Screen 4.3″ Bright Touch 4.3″ Bright Touch 4.3″ Bright Touch 4.3″ Bright Touch
Color Viewfinder x x
Video Camera w/ Lamp 5 MP 5 MP 5 MP 5 MP
Fusion PIP Scalable & Moveable PIP Scalable & Moveable PIP Scalable & Moveable PIP Scalable & Moveable
Laser Spot x x x x
Frame Rate 30Hz 30Hz
Professional x x x x
Delta T x x x x
Voice (60 seconds) x x x x
Text & Sketch x x x x
Draw Direct x x x x
Perodic Image Storage x x x x
File Storage
Radiometric JPG (>1,000) x x x x
MPEG4 Video Recording x x x x
Other Features
Joystick Control x x x x
Wi-Fi to Mobile Devices x x x x
MeterLink x x x x
InstantReport x x x x
FLIR Tools x x x x
Battery Type/Op Time Li-Ion/>3 hours Li-Ion/>3 hours Li-Ion/>3 hours Li-Ion/>3 hours
Weight 1.3 kg 1.3 kg

** Professional Analysis features include: Emissivity correction, 10 Spotmeters, 5 Area Boxes (Max, Min, Average), Auto Hotspot / Cold Spot detection, Isotherm (high/Low temperature interval), Delta T, Reference Temperature function, measurement corrections (Reflected Temperature, Optics transmission and Atmospheric Transmission), Automatic External windows correction based on inputs of window temp. and transmission. Insulation and Humidity alarms included in T620bx and T640bx only.

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