Machinery Health Monitoring

Just as you might have a personal health check every year, so should many items of rotating and static plant – an this in many cases is regulated. For very expensive or critical items of plant there are normally a plethora of instruments constantly checking the status, linked to alarms and in some cases emergency shutdown. But for less critical items there are a variety of regimes used (or not!) to get an indication of current condition – and typically then used to track changes in this condition periodically.

“if only your machinery could speak to you…”

One very useful method of getting  machinery condition is to use the supply current to the driven machine (electric motor), or the output from the alternator. Crimson Industrial Vision is able to supply this capability through its relationship with Artesis LLP and their range of Machinery Condition Monitoring Units. Using the information already available from the output current and input voltage to your electric machines, and benefiting from extensive NASA-derived  software algorithms, these units can deliver reliable equipment health monitoring  24/7 at a very affordable cost.

If you would like to know more about this technology, its ease of installation, and the full range of both electrical and mechanical faults that can be picked up and tracked using the MHM units, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.