VUCAM XO – Portable Video endoscope

The VUCAM XO isVUCAM XO - Rugged video endoscope a rugged, portable Video Endoscope designed for applications where image quality and portability are a premium. With a touch screen interface and direct access buttons for light output levels,  video and still image capture, this Video Endoscope allows the operator to focus on getting good quality images in all conditions.

Available in lengths of 2.2m, 3.3m or 6.6m and with a variety of tip adapters to suit both forward view and side view inspections, the VUCAM XO is ideally suited for field based inspection. The tip is articulated using a mechanical wheel, allowing sensitive direct feedback helping the operator just the position accurately, while getting a direct feel of the force required – helping to minimise accidental damage.

Capable of capturing images in JPEG and MPEG format, the VUCAM incorporates a unique rolling video buffer feature that allows you to capture the video from the previous 15 seconds BEFORE you pressed the Video capture button – ensuring you don’t miss that view you just passed.

The VUCAM XO is currently in use for:

  • Weld Inspection
  • Aviation Turbine Inspection
  • Wind Turbine Gearbox Inspection
  • Wing Box inspection
  • Power Station Inspections – General RVI
  • Food processing pipework inspection

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