Worlds Smallest Camera

MicroscoutCAM 1.2 (Vernier) - worlds smallest camera

World Smallest Camera

Want to see the worlds smallest camera? Well  if you are in the UK you now can – all you need to do is contact Crimson Industrial Vision. This 1.2mm dia (yes – smaller than a pencil lead!) and only 6mm long, this camera still manages to give a great image. Originally manufactured for the medical industry, the Micro ScoutCAM is now available for industrial and OEM applications. The customer can choose between 100 deg FoV and 130 deg FoV giving depths of field of 10-50mm and 2-10 mm respectively.

The  camera connects via a tiny diameter umbilical up to 3m long as standard (longer lengths are available – please enquire) to a Video processor that allows you to capture the images onto an SD card as well as display them directly using an HDMI output. The video processor is also capable of providing a drive signal to enable connection of an LED light source, or you can use your own light source.

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