NEW Feature – MSX – added to FLIR Cameras

A brand new feature – MSX – Multispectral Dynamic Imaging  – has been added to some of the higher specification portable FLIR  cameras and Crimson Industrial Vision was there at the launch. This new feature brings a sharpness and clarity to Infrared Images that will be a boon to those inspectors looking to get the finer details from their images.

Without getting too technical, MSX combines both the Thermal Image and some information from the matching Visible light image to create sharper lines and highlight details not previously apparent in the Thermal Image.

IR Image without MSX

IR Image with MSX

As you can see, much more information can be determined from the image with MSX enabled, while the thermal properties of the image, including the temperature values, emissivity etc can still be adjusted to suit the analysis requirements.

Needless to say this feature doesn’t figure on just any old camera in the range, but has been introduced onto the latest versions of the T series cameras, the T440, the T440bx and the T640 and T640bx. For more information about this range of FLIR cameras click here