Thermography is the use of a calibrated Infrared camera to obtain thermal images of a scene where each pixel also has a value – normally in temperature units. The range of products we carry covers a number of applications that can be broken into 2 main categories,

While the products may look the same, they have specific feature sets suited to their application. In the product ranges we supply the Energy Performance products are designated the ‘B’ Series, while the Condition monitoring products are either i, T or P series depending on their performance.

Condition Monitoring – Infrared cameras for this application are typically small, portable, with battery life of 3-4 hours. Image resolution ranges from 120 x120 through to 320 x 240, and some will include a visual camera. The uses range from simple checking systems (the i-series) for “find-it, fix-it” problem solving, through to regular scheduled surveys (the T-Series), looking to monitor machine and equipment health over a period of time. More advanced users, requiring higher resolution(up to 640×480), greater thermal sensitivity, or specific features such as GPS, will choose the P-Series

Energy Performance – Due to the nature of the measurements required, cameras targeted at this application do not require the same temperature range of measurement, but do require additional features, such as the ability to show areas susceptible to mould growth and damp.

MeterLink – By incorporating the new innovative feature “MeterLink”, these cameras can communicate with specified devices that can upload information such as humidity or voltage.