All New VUMAN E3+ has arrived

The latest generation of the class leading long range Video Endoscope from viZaar – the INVIZ VUMAN E3+ has arrived into our demo stock and is available for demonstrations thoughout the UK and Ireland from today. This all new version of the VUMAN, called the E3+

All New VUMAN E3+

is a ground up re-design enabling  a significant number of performance improvements coupled to the addition of new features.

The primary features that make the VUMAN E3+ a class leader are the fantastic long range option of up to 30m insertion tube with full four direction pneumatic articulation and the unique remote focus capability, so no need for tip adapters! With the ability for the user to adjust the focus remotely in service, you can change from a general view to close up without having remove insertion tube to change the tip – this one feature saves huge amounts of time and ensures you will always have the best image. The pneumatic articulation ensures that the system can deliver full articulation without needing to remove the whole insertion tube from the reel – only 3m

The re-design has allowed the engineering team at viZaar to take advantage of the latest battery technology to add new battery capability – extending the operating life while on battery while reducing the weight. And what is more the battery technology used is not LiON, meaning the system can be shipped without needing to worry about the batteries.

To download the data sheet click VUMAN E3_EN (Web)

To request a demonstration or get more information click HERE