VISIO BOX – Cost effective video endoscope system

NEW Video Endoscope System concept from FORT

A new video endoscope system concept has been launched for quality assurance and NDT inspectors, enabling them to utilise the existing high quality probes from FORT SA. The VISIO BOX system enables a connection to the full range of video endoscope cameras, fibrescopes and rigid borescopes and allows the user to utilise existing image display and capture systems, saving on the cost of upgrading, while maintaining (and in some cases significantly improving!) the image quality.

The VISIO BOX concept is based around an integrated high quality image processing and light source unit. The system delivers excellent light output from the latest LED fibre hybrid unit, first seen in the VISIO PRIME inspector. The system generates a high level of user controllable light and is backed by the manufacturers lifetime guarantee – no need to buy replacement bulbs!

Users are able to connect a full range of FORT high quality video endoscopes to the VISIO BOX and outputs from the unit are offered as either S-Video or Composite Video. Customers can display these outputs on their existing display and recording systems or select from a number of options, including the INVIZ MATRIX video capture and display system from parent company viZaar Imaging Systems. “The VISIO BOX  system enables existing users of our probe technology to upgrade their light source and image processing unit in a cost effective manner. At the same time it enables inspection professionals to use high quality components in a very cost effective manner” states Sylvain Garcin, General Manager of FORT, based in Dourdan, France. “The VISIO BOX simplifies the range of equipment you need to carry out your full range of inspections”.

For users of fibrescopes and rigid borescopes an excellent video converter is available that will allow connection to the VISIO BOX and allow the user to choose how they display and capture the inspection – independent of the various units you use simplifying the documentation requirements

The full range of FORT inspection cameras, video endoscopes and borescopes are available from UK inspection technology specialist Crimson Industrial Vision. With video endoscopes from 2.9mm to 8mm at a variety of lengths, and many with articulation, there will be a system to meet your requirement in the range. For more information about the VISIO BOX system or any other FORT products, contact Paul Sacker at Crimson Industrial Vision or visit our website at