The new INVIZ™ VUMAN “Long Range” Video Endoscope System has just been UPDATED!

The most advanced, versatile and compact video endoscope system with X-WAY move deflection and patented RF “Remote Focus”

When it comes to a premium long range Video endoscope the VUMAN cannot be beaten – with insert tubes of up to 30m and full, four way articulation, coupled with the unique remote focus tip inspections can be carried our faster and more efficiently than ever before. The latest version the VUMAN E3+ includes a whole new internal control system, revised battery technology incorporating LiFePo batteries and a brighter, more sensitive touchscreen interface.

The feedback from customers and thousands of inspection hours have a decisive impact on a successful design as well as advanced, versatile functionality in a smallest space. The developement of innovative, patented technologies and the use of  modern carbon fiber / aluminium composites offer a unique mobile inspection solution with long probes without compromising in applicability and quality. The aim was the highest image quality and detailed analysis of testing and documentation at the lowest cost and time.

The result  is the VUMAN series, an inspection tool that offers through its reduced set-up and testing time a material friendly, cost cutting and at the same time standard picture and documentation quality. More safety at lower cost. As a fully incorporated design, additional equipment such as compressors, monitors etc. have been eliminated. Advanced, patented developement and design concepts like the unique LLP image sharpness adjustment that is integrated in the probe housing,  HID light source and the complete move deflection drive camera head optimize the inspection time and increase the safety for user and equipment.

if you want to use a VUMAN system for a specific inspection, you can rent one from Ashtead Technology Rental – for more information click HERE

To download the data sheet, click VUMAN E3_EN (Web)