Visual Inspection

A variety of visual inspection technology has been developed over the years, and the technology has advanced significantly from a stick on the end of a mirror to the the vast range of borescopes and endoscopes available today. While they are different words, they are to a large extent interchangeable. Commonly Borescopes tend to to be rigid tubes with optical and light paths inside,whereas Endoscopes are flexible tubes with optical and light paths.  Endoscopes are well known for both Industrial and Medical applications, and many are capable of carrying additional tools as well as providing the visual image. Historically the image quality of the rigid borescopes has been better, due to losses and fractures of the optical fibres in flexible devices, however the increasing miniaturisation of CCD and CMOS devises has resulted in small cameras being placed at the end of the flexible device and removing this problem from all but the smallest units.

  • Video Endoscopes

  • Pipe Inspection Systems

    • INVIZ BIG – Reel based system, axial inspection for tubes and pipes to xxmm dia
    • INVIZ PIPE – Reel based system with excellent low light capability and optional tilt head – useful for larger diameters and cavity inspection
    • INVIZ REVOLVER 80 – Dual camera system with axial camera for forward view and navigation and 360¬į rotating Side view camera with 10x optical zoom for detail – suitable for inspection of pipe and vessel walls, welds. Self leveling – good for diameters from 90mm to 1000mm
  • Tank and Vessel Inspection

    • INVIZ SNK – the ultimate tank inspection system with full Pan and Tilt capability and up to 36x optical zoom. Choice of lamps or LED ring (or both!) and measurement options result in this system delivering excellent images in even the largest vessels and tanks.
    • INVIZ REVOLVER 80 – with a forward looking camera and a side view camera with 10x optical zoom, this versatile system can be used for inspections of smaller vessels with diameters up to 1000mm
  • UV inspection

    • The INVIZ UVin is a 12.7mm diameter camera with both wight light and specially tuned UV LED’s designed to give those users involved in NDT inspections the best view in areas that have previously been difficult to access.
  • Blade style cameras

    • DE 2.4 and DE4.0 – unique flat camera system only 2.4mm wide (or 4.0mm for the DE4.0), these camera systems are particularly useful for heat exchanger inspection and has proved particularly useful in nuclear applications.
The INVIZ VUMAN manufactured by ViZaar AG

INVIZ VUMAN - An industrial endoscope for remote inspection