VisioProbe – 2 cameras in one – UPDATED – 2015 latest!


When it comes to value for money this offering is right on the nail. Combining a simple axial camera for smaller pipe inspections, with a second Pan and Tilt head camera for mid-size pipe inspection, throwing in a 30m cable, touchcreen LCD display with video / still capture and text overlay capability and you have the makings of a solid performer for pipe inspections from 30mm diameter to 400mm. The VISIOPROBE VP3000 system comprises the following:VISIO Probe 3000 system with Pushrod Reel

  • 25mm camera, 100°FoV, fixed focus, 9 bright LED’s (manual level control)
  •  A choice of 3 different 45mm Pan Tilt Cameras
    • 80° FoV, fixed focus – 50mm to infinity, 12 bright LED’s (manual level control)
    • New for 2015 – 30° FoV remote focus from 8mm to infinity,  with 24 super bright LED’s, ideal for macro to longer distance inspections
    • New for 2015 – 80° FoV remote focus from 5mm to infinity, with 24 super bright LED’s, ideally suited for wider and shorter range inspections
  • Video bay – an integrated camera control, LCD panel and video/still capture module battery or mains powered, 2m flexible connection cable between Video bay and reel.
  • A choice of cables and integrated push rod, 30m of kevlar reinforced, PE coated semi-stiff cable mounted on a reel with distance counter
  • Transport case for the cameras and video bay
  • A variety of optional centering devices, push-rods and accessories are also available.

The VP3000 system is a significant step forward from its already successful predecessor the VP2000 and has been designed to follow industry standards to ensure that the operator is able to get the most from his inspection, spending less time on set-up and more time doing useful work, either inspecting or analysing!

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