FLIR E Series Cameras

The new FLIR E-Series Portable Infrared Camera for Thermography applications

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The very latest infrared camera series from the world’s leading manufacturer – FLIR Systems. The E series is available in 4 models for each of two variants. One variant is targeted at general industrial applications such as predictive maintenance, Electrical Inspection, Mechanical inspection, and the other variant has been specifically targeted at buildings and energy efficiency applications such as Flood restoration, moisture, air leakage, plumbing and HVAC.

For specific information on each variant follow the links below:

The best way to compare this range of infrared cameras is to check the comparison charts in the links above, but in short, if you are looking for  a feature rich, easy to use tool to support your inspections, then one of the new FLIR E-Series range of infrared cameras is ideal.

Features include:

LCD Screen Large and bright LCD
With a large 3.5″ touchscreen LCD Display Sharp thermal images temperature values are easy to read.
Laser locator

Laserpointer and LED light
Press the button for the laser pointer and it shows you the spt on the target, and gives the location in the image – with the temperature reading – no more guesswork. LED light gives good illumination for visual images.
wifi.png Wifi
Transfer images wirelessly to a smart phone or tablet PC. You can download the FLIR IR Viewer app from the iStore and review your images on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
thermal fusion Thermal Fusion
Merges visual and infrared images to offer better analysis.
PiP Picture-in-Picture (PiP)
With the PiP-function it is easy to locate areas of interest.
Meterlink.png MeterLink
FLIR MeterLink technology simplifies the work in electrical or building inspections by making it possible to transfer, via Bluetooth®, the data acquired by an Extech clampmeter or multi function moisture meter and psychrometer into the infrared camera. The MeterLink technology saves time and eliminates the risk of erroneous records or notes.
instant report.png Instant reports
Create instant reports directly in camera. Easy to copy reports to USB.
Text/Voice Annotations Text and voice annotations
Text comments can be made from a pre-defined list or by using the touch screen. A headset can be connected to make voice annotations.
focus free Visual camera
3 Megapixel visible light camera makes observing and inspecting faster and easier.